Sites Not Listed on create_site.php on 1.8.1

I upgraded to 1.8.1, and now sites will not show up on the create_sites.php after they are added. I know the sites are in the db, they also are selectable on the monitor drop down menu.

Any ideas why the site list is not being populated? If the sites don’t show up on the list, I can’t add a season and start the download process. Thanks.

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonGenerator.writeStartObject(Ljava/lang/Object;)

The sen2agri-services package shows this error. Not sure how to proceed.

@cudroiu Have you seen this before?


Could you provide me a ls -l to the following two directories:


Also, could you try unzipping the lib/ and modules/ directories from the archive located in the Sen2Agri package installation into the location /usr/share/sen2agri/sen2agri-services, please?
After you do the unpacking, you should restart the sen2agri-services using

sudo systemctl restart sen2agri-services.

Please let me know.

Sorry I missed your reply!

I have since reverted to an old snapshot with 1.7 working, so I don’t think it would be necessary to dig into how I broke things! I ended up setting up a fresh virtual machine with 1.8.1, it is working well. Though I have noticed that L8 downloads don’t seem to be working on 1.8.1, is this a known issue?


Normally, there is no known issue with the Landsat 8 downloading.
Could you check the configuration in the /usr/share/sen2agri/sen2agri-services/config/ in order to see if the user and password are correctly set, please?
Also, as a double check, could you also verify the datasource table to see if the same values are stored there for the USGS datasource?
Also, for the site, could you check that the L8 is enabled in the Edit site page?

Best regards,

Hi Cosmin,

I have verified that the credentials are correct in the, and for a new site L8 downloads worked right away. It seems sporadically that L8 will fail to download for a site. For example, one site recently has done this:

  1. Download all S2 for a site
  2. Proceed to L3A and L3B processing, no download of L8 is attempted

Yet another site on the same system will do this:

  1. Download S2 and L8 simultaneously (1 L8 and 1 S2)
  2. Proceed to L3A and L3B processing

The behaviour varies from site to site.

Another concern is that L3A processing will be scheduled as soon as the site is created, with an error message saying the processing failed, which makes sense since there would be no L2A data available right at the start of creating the site.

Just wondering if the above behaviour is known to occur occasionally, or if there are ways to avoid it. Like if a site is only downloading S2 at the beginning, is it safe to assume that the L8 will not be downloaded at all for that site? Or will it try to download all S2 before downloading any L8?

Thanks for your time!

Hello Cosmin,

I’m having the same problem. The Created site is successfully uploaded (in the /mnt/upload folder) but the site just won’t be listed on the http://localhost/create_site.php. I did the unpacking you suggested but still nothing changed.


Hello ss.cullen,

I am using the version 1.8.2 and encountered the same problem. How did you solve this problem? By switching to 1.7?

Please let me know.

Sorry for the late reply Jasmine. There was no fix for me, I had to reinstall a fresh version of 1.8.1 on fresh virtual machine with Cent OS. I hope you had better luck than me!