Quick question: how SSD should be configured for temporary files

System requirements page says that SSD storage can be used to increase speed

SSD Storage: 250 GB (optional – for temporary files)

But I find no documentation how ssd should be used. Disk is mounted as separate mount. Which folder should it be mouted to ? /tmp ?



In order to improve the speed of processing for the L3x and L4x processors, the following path can be mounted (or created as a symlink) to a SSD storage. In this way, the temporary files created during processing will be written and read from this location which will improve the performances of the processor as they will be faster than on a regular disk.

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Which path do you have in mind?

In the default configuration is the /mnt/archive/orchestrator_temp directory.
This is specified in the config table via the key ‘general.scratch-path’.