Processing over large number of sites

Dear all,

I consider using your service as a small portion of profession service available to our customers worldwide. This means I would need LAI data for about 1000 customers distributed randomly worldwide, meaning 1000 sites world wide, each of them is available as shapefile. Important note, some of these sides belong to the same S2 tile.

Are there special agreements in such cases? How to do such processing most economic and avoid redownloading multiple files.

Do you allow download of only portion of the entire scene or does the processing always need to be done on an entire scene?

Thanks ahead for your suggestions, comments or links to other discussions.

all the best,
Marcela Doubkova

Dear Marcela,

First of all, as a general note, we download only full scenes (products). Downloading of subsets of products is not possible.
There are several approaches to your scenario:

  1. A first solution is to group the shapes, by proximity, in sites. That is in order to have contiguous (i.e. adjacent) S2 tiles covering the sites. Then, you have to know what where the shapes creating a site and to crop them manually from the output products (output of the LAI processor).
  2. A second solution (not yet available) is to optimize the download of S2 products (if one S2 product was downloaded for a site, do not download it for another site that requires it, but instead use it). This optimization will be available in the next version.
    This second optimization can be done only for L1C products (download), but not for L2A products (processing). Why: the atmospheric correction processor makes its job taking into account the previous L2A product, and hence it depends on the start of the season. Therefore, different season dates will produce different L2A results.

Hope this helps,