Problems with proxy


I configured proxy in sen2agri properties (in type I wrote HTTP). System finished to download s2 images, but doesn’t start to download L8 images.
I think it is because the access to USGS is HTTPS. Then, what I have to do? change the proxy type and what kind of type?

Many thanks.

Do you have any errors in the logs? It might depend on how the proxy type and configuration. You’ll need a proxy that either:

  • supports CONNECT
  • does MITM (man-in-the-middle) for TLS connections, in which case you’ll be provided a certificate that must be trusted

Was it working before 1.8?

All works perfectly in previous version [the proxy access was modifying two txt (apihub and usgs)], but when I update, system stops to download L8 products (I also changed the proxy access in

Anyway, I am going to check what proxy type and configuration I have and I will send you and answer.

Thank you,


Sen2agri still doesn’t download L8 images, I have only s2:

I restarted sen2agri and configured proxy again. Even in this way doesn’t start to download and I don’t know why…