Options Available for Installing Sen2Agri

Good morning forum,

I am newbie to Cent OS and Sen2Agri. I have installed Cent OS on a machine and before proceeding on to install Sen2Agri realised that the root disk partition, to which the data will be downloaded has 48.5GB allotted to it. While the other partition has 11TB (which I want to use).
What are my options during installation so that I can use 11TB partition? From my research so far, I understand(please correct if wrong) that the partition size can be extended and I am not sure how to do it.

I am attaching a screenshot of the partition.

Once again, I will need to be probably guided through the entire step, so thanks in advance.



Dear all,

Found the solution. Use /mnt/archive & /mnt/upload to mount to the partition with maximum disk space.

Had to learn few commands but it was worth it.