MACCS starts again from the beginning


I noticed some strange behaviour of the MACCS-Processor which somehow had been already mentioned here

Everything in my site was processed and 2 months before the end of my season (2017) it surprisingly started again to process some datasets from the beginning of my season or even in the 3month period before my season.
But in fact I do not need this data because there are already a lot L2A-prducts from the beginning of my season.

I would rather like to start processing the last two months of my growing season and don’t understand why maccs doesn’t start doing it.

Is there a way to force maccs to process specific datasets inside a certain time-window?


You can mark the products as processed, but it’s surprising they got started right now. Is it possible that they only now became available for download?

Can you show the entries for that site from your downloader_history table?

ok thanks I just marked them as processed and now it works fine!