Indices are not in ascending order - MSK_DETFOO


I’m getting the folowing error “indices are not in ascending order or do not have a constant shift with the feature indices in the MSK_DETFOO”
I found that the problem was the MSK_DETFOO_B02.gml fileMSK_DETFOO_B02_.gml.txt (769.6 KB).
The order of the ground footprint in this gml is changed. Normaly it starts in footprint 3 and ends in footprint 8 (3,4,5,6,7,8). In this gml footprint sequence is 3,4,8,5,7,6.
The result is that L2A is not produced…
Any sugested work around?



That sounds like a limitation of MACCS. Have you encountered a lot of products with this particularity? As far as I know, MACCS has been superseeded by MAJA, so I wouldn’t expect it to be fixed.


I found the following products with this particularity:
I only found this happening in November 2018.


I’m not sure what to say. It might be a good idea to ask SciHub about this…


Can you give me the full name of a product that exhibits this issue?

EDIT: Never mind, I found S2B_MSIL1C_20181121T112349_N0207_R037_T29SND_20181121T161726.SAFE.


I’ve contacted the MACCS developers. This seems to affect all SciHub products, not only that specific tile in Portugal.

I suppose a workaround would be to sort the features before running MACCS, but it seems unpleasant.


I have made the folowing post:

to inform the SciHub comunity.



Hi Pedro,

do you have any new info or already a workaround for this issue?



MACCS processing failed

Since November MACCS can use only the images with 1 footprints (i.e., with very few data). Considering that most of the images have 8 footprints, MACCS is very limited for images with sensing date after 01-11-2018. The consequence is that Sen2Agri is also very limited for sentinel2 data sensed after 01-11-2018.
I think what we need is a updated version of Sen2Agr where MACCS was corrected or replaced by MAJA.


Thank you for your answer. Is this going to be addressed in a future release? Or did the MACCS developers give any insight on this? @lnicola @cudroiu




Dear Val,
It looks like the problem is almost solved according with a post published this week by CESBIO (see link below).
It says “MAJA 3.2 adapts to a bug from Sentinel-2 L1C products, which sometimes (but quite frequently) provides the detector footprints (DEFOO masks) in an incorrect order since October 2018. When this happened, MAJA crashed, but with MAJA 3.2.2, it is over.”
It also says that this will be included in Sen2Agri software.
Can someone tell us when is expected a new Sen2Agri version? @lnicola @cudroiu



We are working on the integration on MAJA 3.2.2 into the Sen2Agri system but a new version will be available in a couple of weeks as we need to do multiple validations.

Best regards,