Downloading error sentinel products

Dear friends,

we are attempting to download the SENTINE2 data by means of the graphical interface.

But, unfortunately, we garner the following error:

2018-02-06 14:31:01.435795:[22884]:Could not get the catalog output for footprint:“Intersects(POLYGON((17.559 40.497,17.567 40.502,17.677 40.555,17.709 40.527,17.589 40.465,17.559 40.497)))”

could you suggest us how to sidestep it?

Consider that we registered today (2018/02/06) into scihub.
May be the issue is tied to the credentials registration?

thanks in advance


Hello Matteo,

Perhaps this is just related to the sci hub connection issues?
Try restarting the downloader.