Download statistics showing In Progress but no downloading is going on


I have created some sites, downloading was going smooth but by mistake, I didn’t check the storage, because of low storage downloading stops, but now I have increased the storage still
Download statistics showing In Progress but Current Downloads showing zero downloads

Hello everyone

I am also facing same problem. Do you have any solutions to solve this problem?

Hello @Dan_Tran

In my case tiles are not present at sen2agri for the given season that’s why they were not downloading. I figured it out after checking the logs and manual debugging, you can also check for the space left on the machine you are using sen2agri.

I figured out that before 2.0.3 this was buggy. On one test machine it counted up continuously. Check the logs of sen2agri-services.service. If you are downloading “old” scenes the api cannot access directly to the LTS data (thanks ESA). The will be restored but I could not figure out when.
It is also worthwhile to check the sen2agri database tables manually. I could identify many problems there and solve them. But its not plug’n play.