Deleting Products in Se2Agri


I’m planning to delete some products in my /mnt/archive/{site} folder.
If I delete those products, will it be also removed from the web interface’ products tab?

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You’ll also need to remove them from the database, with something like:

sudo -u postgres psql sen2agri
from product
where name in

It would be great to have such a “delete” option via the GUI.

For example, if one tries out several parameter settings to generate a L4B product, it would be handy to delete the tries.

Another option my be to include it in the, so one could delete all L4B products in one go for a specific site


That’s a legitimate feature request. But if you don’t mind writing SQL, you can delete the L4B products like this:

from product
where site_id = ... and product_type_id = 6;

To see the available sites and product types you can use:

select id, name from site;
select id, name from product_type;

Thanks. UsingSQL is fine. It was more a feature request. Where should one put such a request by the way?

Here is fine, I suppose, although I can’t promise that it will get implemented.