Customized / Alternative Indices?

Greetings all,

My group is considering using Sen2Agri for our agricultural research. We don’t have it installed yet, but it appears to be nearly perfect for what we’re trying to achieve. Except perhaps for the reliance on NDVI [lag in detecting early stage growth and known saturation issues ]

How much customization is possible in the biophysical processor ?

Can we insert our own predictive models / create time series of alternative indices ?

Many thanks

Hello @Senti2B,

First remark, the L3B vegetation status processor processes NDVI, but also LAI, FAPAR and FCOVER from S2 L2A time-series. Maybe these other vegetation indicators can fulfil your needs. Otherwise, you can always import your own scripts or modify the existing ones.

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thanks for making this clear. When looking at the source code of sen2agri I can see a lot of JAR files, which themselves are not open source but compiled products. Is there an open repository that has the source code of the processors available?