Why does sen2Agri generate data out of defined site

I have lately defined a new site on sen2agri and it has started downloading L2A products. However, the downloaded products are all out of my defined site and I was wandering why. Anyone with such an experience?
NB. It has been a week since the site is created and am on Windows OS.


The sen2agri system is downloading by default products 3 months before the defined season. This is needed for the MACCS initialization (MACCS is using the previous produced L2A as input for the current date in order to provide a better accuracy of the products).
Nevertheless, you can diminish the 3 months interval period (to 2 or 1 month or, not advisable, to 0) by changing the value for the key “downloader.start.offset” from the “config” table.

P.S. How did you managed to install and run the sen2agri system on a Windows machine? Or you are actually running a Centos VM on a Windows machine?

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Oh am using a VM on a server and accessing it on Windows through the GUI. And thanks