Usage of Google S2 public dataset as input and other possible features


I am currently evaluating Sen2Agri for use in our production system since we would like to avoid building a similar system and I have several questions. Answering some of those questions will need new features in Sen2Agri which our company could implement.

  1. Would it be possible to add the S2 data on Google as a data source? If so then I would greatly appreciate a pointer to the code that has to be updated/added to make this possible. I can also open a GitHub issue for this to have the more technical discussion there
  2. At the moment SLURM is used for scheduling the jobs. We would be interested to scale the L2A processing since this is our main concern. Is L2A processing handled by SLURM? Do you have any experience running Sen2Agri on a bigger processing cluster? How difficult would it be to use another scheduler?
  3. I found the Sen2Agri Services API mentioned in the User Manual. Are there any other (maybe undocumented) APIs? We would most likely be interested in an API that can get the L2A data processing status and L2A data.