Unable to upload shapefile for site creation

Good morning,
We have installed Sen2Agri few days ago. We are now trying to run some tests and when uploading the shapefile for creating the site we are having an error. I am attaching a capture of the message we get on the user’s interface and also the php error.
php.pdf (44.9 KB)

Thanks for your help
Lucas De Oto (ITC - Universiteit Twente)

Facing the same problem here. Kindly share if you managed to solve it.
Thanks in advance,


Can you send me the shapefile in cause?

I’m unable to reproduce your issue. Please try copying the archive to the server, extracting it, and running:

/var/www/html/scripts/check_shp.py Skane_Region.shp

Did that and got :
1 feature(s) found

Can you run chmod 777 /mnt/upload and try again?

The upload function is working now.
Thanks a lot for your help Inicola :grinning: