Unable to set season in site configuration

Hi all,

I just installed the Sen2Agri System to test it. It look´s i´m unable to set a season in the site configuration tab, the “plus” icon to add a season showed in the user manual is missing. Can anyone tell me what it wrong?





Can you test using another browser, e.g. Firefox? If it’s still not working, please open the developer console to check whether there are any errors (F12 in Firefox and Chrome, Console tab).

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On Firefox it work´s fine! Thank you!


yes I do have this error masseage in explorar
Could not locate http:/// specified in source map
and this massage in firefox
TypeError: ‘append’ called on an object that does not implement interface FormData.


Hi Khaled,

Can you give us a bit more details about your issue? It sounds like something else. Which version of the system are you running and what operation is failing for you?