The processors I choose are not active

As you can see in the images, the processors I choose are not active.
L2A, which remains selected even if I don’t select any of them, does not appear after saving.

If I hit the save button without selecting any of them:

Same error if I select all of them:

Even if the error, if I select all of them and press the “Save Site” button, only 3 processors it saved:

As you can see in the last image, there is no L2A which is base processor in between these three. How can i solve this problem?

Hello afkHub,

I will try to reconstruct your issue from the first two images on my system. Have you checked the logs when you click save? Maybe there is an error message.

Concerning the last picture… If I am right, L2A is never listed as processor when active, but working well. Don’t know why the developers did not listed it. But the service works (check sen2agri-demmaccs logs)

Hello Innocturion, thanks for your answer.
I opened a new topic in detail about this. I will be glad if you can help.