Terminal error during setup

Hello, I am using Ubuntu 20 OS in a virtual machine. I did all the steps in the “Software User Manual” respectively for installation. However, when I enter the command “sudo ./sen2agriPlatformInstallAndConfig.sh”, there are errors and the installation does not take place. Like in the screenshots I sent. How can I fix this?

Concerning 2 & 3 it looks like you already have postgresql up and running. You can find detailed instructions on howto stop and remove things in the uninstall section of the manual.

It looks like something is messed up though. The manual suggests to use cent OS 7 (only!) for compability, though it should be possible to install on Ubuntu. Given the complexety of the install script I strongly suggest to install a new VM with cent 7. There’s an excelent 3 video youtube series linked somewhere here in the forum / find it at youtube with all the steps to double check.