Sentinel2 download does not start and the download history table is empty


I installed the 1.8.3 version of sen2agri from scratch without any problems.

I set a site and a season and ask for the download of sentinel2 images (tile 30TYS) on SciHub. So far I tried to activate the download by myself reading the similar topics on the forum but unfortunately, my download history table remains empty.

Here is the datasource tableCapture

If anybody could help me with this.

Thanks in advance.

Have you inputted correctly the usernames and password for sci data hub and usgs?


Hi Brent,

Yes, the usernames and passwords are correctly inputted. I tested them on the following websites:

They both work fine!



Please find out what’s the command output ls -l /mnt/. The “mnt” directory depends on where you installed Sen2Agri.



The command output is the following :


In archive, the folders : dwn_def, gipp, reference_data, srtm, swbd
and in upload, one folder for each created site.

But curiously, the last site that I created does not have a folder. Do I have to create another site?


It seems that user and group are root instead of sen2agriservice.

Try this command sudo chown -R sen2agri-service:sen2agri-service mnt/.

You can check post for more details.

I tried this command and restart the service but nothing changed. 23 L8 products are found but not downloaded and no mention of the S2 products.

Can you give me the link to the post again, please?

Sorry shared to you the wrong post.

Here it is. MACCS output logs error

Hello, did you find a solution for that problem ?

Hi Yassine,

No, I didn’t.
I followed the instruction of the shared post as well but nothing worked.

Hello Audrey,

Yeah, me too I have done the same thing but didn’t work. I think that I will format my workstation again and re-install the application. As in the system overview ta gives me that the Disk is 0 GB/ 0GB, I think that the application has a problem with the file type xfs.

Ok, could you let me know if that solves the problem? And if you did anythong different from the first installation?
I don’t quite understand your last sentence. Where do we use the xfs file and what do we do to make the application work with it?
Thank you for your message.

Hello Audrey,
I will get access to my station on Monday, So basically I will let you know if formatting and re-installing the application will solve this problem or not in the same day.
While installing Centos 7, in the manual partitioning, I had many choices to define the file system and I let it by default xfs, maybe It’s the responsible of that Disk error in the image below.