Sentinel-2 download problem close to latitude 0 in version 1.8.3

We do not appreciate any activity in the system and no product is being downloaded in a site close to zero geographical latitude. Checking the attached log file it is possible to observe the polygon of the site with longitude coordinates near 0, either negatives or positives (ex: -.5941, .7538, …).

These coordinates are incorrectly translated to a query for the SCIHUB, as you may appreciate in the log, and consequently 0 products are returned.

I’ve been playing sen2agri with a different site having longitude coordinates greater than 1 and it works perfectly, that is, sentinel-2 products download well.

Some ideas?


sen2agri-services_log_part.txt (23.6 KB)


Could you provide the shapefile that you are using for the site having these problems, please?

Best regards,

Yes, of course (1.5 KB)