Sentinel-1 processing


I noticed that in the Sen2Agri Configurator (Sen2Agri version 1.8.3) there are options for Sentinel-1 download and pre-processing. However, there is no mention of S1 in the web interface or user manual. So will this data be downloaded and pre-processed if I enable it in the configurator and will it then be used for crop mapping together with Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8?


Hello Rado,

S1 is not used supported in the Sen2Agri processors. Nevertheless, for a certain site the download can be activated via the keys from datasource and config tables but you will get only SLC files that are the L1 products.
These products normally should be preprocess to obtain L2 products (coherence and amplitude) that can be eventually used in further processors. The S1 preprocessing chain and support in the other processors is not present yet in Sen2Agri but it might be added in a future version.

Best regards,