Sen2agri Web UI


I am downloading sen2agri from it’s website and installing it in centos 7 on AWS AMI but after installtion why I am getting sen4cap webUI.


Could you confirm that you can login with the sen2agri user and that the processors are the correct ones?

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Yes I can login in with default username and password but as you can see it is only showing me product tab and no data in it. I have also checked database after installation every table is empty product table, site table, season table is it normal that tables will be empty after installation as I am using it for the first time.

Also why there is no other tabs like user tab and create_site tab.?

The issue was that it wasn’t used the http://<MACHINE_IP>/login.php (port 80) but another port that was used by another simpler interface.

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Thanks for your help.