Sen2Agri download not needed images

Hi all,
I am exploring the possibilities of sen2agri. For people coming from windows is not an easy issue.

I have installed (finally) all the system and it seems everything works fine.

I have defined an small zone to test sen2agri.

—Problem 1: my area falls in the middle of several two tiles and sen2agri downloads both of them and, in addition, in two separate zones (UTM zones 30 and 31). The information is duplicated, I wuold only need zone 30.---- In consequence, the disk got full.

—Problem 2: I have removed as I could all the downloaded data and I have taken the same area BUT, on the site definition, I have said to process only January 2017. However sen2agri is downloading images from 2016 —> These images are not needed. In consequence I expect memory problems again and the incapacity of testing what sen2agri may offer.

Any help?

Hi Jaime,

Sen2Agri automatically downloads 3 months before and 2 months after your specified season.
This was done in case you don’t have enough cloud free images for your site.


All the best.

THANKS a lot!! :grinning:

On the other hand. My area is delivered in two zones: UTM zone 30 and UTM zone 31. Although they come from the same trajectory of the satellite, the tile is downloaded in both zones. The result will be the same but for each zone. Is there anyway to control and avoid this duplication?

Thank you in advance,

You can use the script to explicitly select the tiles you want to be downloaded for your site. See the FAQs for more info.

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