Sen2Agri doesn't process downloaded L1C products into L2A

My instance of Sen2Agri is not processing downloaded L1C Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 products into L2A products. It downloads the L1C files and fails to process them, so they don’t show up on the Products tab and are not available for further processing by the higher level processors.

Here’s a log file for an attempt to process a Landsat 8 image:
And here’s a log file for an attempt to process a Sentinel-2 image:

MACCS is installed. This instance is running on CentOS 7. I can provide the shape file if necessary.

Here’s the log for the sen2agri-demmaccs service, from journalctl. What I find weird about this log is the constant repetition of “No unprocessed L1C found in DB”. Does this mean the images aren’t downloaded?


Perhaps there is something wrong with the downloaded images. Either sentinel and landsat images are cloudy so the script didn’t work. Try these postgresql commands to reprocess them.