Sen2Agri does not work

Hello to everyone.
I installed the 2.0.3 version of Sen2Agri on the CentSO 7 operating system in the virtual machine as written in the user manual.
I also benefited from the Sen2agri installation videos of the MrGIS channel on youtube.
However, I could not get any results yet. I am facing a few issues and need your help.

First of all, when I completed the installation, I could not configure it, I got an error. I learned in the forum that this was due to the version. So, I continued without caring.
The error is:

Then I created new sites by zipping my shapefile files as it is written in the user manual for the regions I am interested in.
But I also encountered an error while creating a site. After making a selection in the active processors section, an error message comes up and even if I can save it, only L3A, L4A and L4B seemed to be working.
Screenshot of the error and after saving:

The topic I have already opened for this error: The processors I choose are not active

If there is an error in my Shapefile zip files, I am uploading one of them. You can check: (1.4 KB)

However, I continued because the L3 and L4 data was important to me and I could not find a solution to the error. I waited for weeks to get data, but I didn’t get any data.

I am currently investigating the reason I am not getting data and I typed some commands into the terminal. I copy the logs I have received and share them with you. The commands I typed are sen2agri-executor, sen2agri-orchestrator and sen2agri-scheduler. Two of them were going on like they were going to last forever, so I only got some of them.
sen2agri-executor.txt (146 Bytes)
sen2agri-orchestrator.txt (49.0 KB)
sen2agri-scheduler.txt (26.8 KB)

Also when I go into the mnc >> archive >> dwn_def folder, I saw that there were many failed queries for l8 and s2.

If there is an error caused by me, I have written as detailed as possible so that it can be understood.
I am waiting for your help, thank you.

Images from my Sen2agri:

Hello, it seemed that the download and maja atmospheric correction didn’t work. Please check that you have permission in mnt folder.

Also check whether the sen2agri-service (for downloading) is working. After that make sure that you also have write and read permissions for maja. The FAQ in the sen2agri website will be of great help when checking permissions and maja logs.


I already gave permissions but it’s not working

@cudroiu @lnicola thoughts on this? (I’m not familiar with the new installer updates)

I’m thinking errors are might be caused by inactive/disabled Sen2-Agri component. By the way, I’m sharing this video for you to also check: sen2 problems on Vimeo


Dear Brent,

Would it be possible to provide the logs for the sen2agri-services, for the last several hours, for example?

sudo journalctl -fu sen2agri-services --since “6 hours ago”

Best regards,