Sen2agri custom job status is submitted

Dear list;
I have installed the latest version of sen2agri on centos 7 64 bit operating system.
The system works, I created a new site, it downloaded the pictures from the satellite, but when I try a custom job, its status is submitted, but it does not become running.
When I check #systemctl status slurmd slurmctld slurmdbd

slurm, slurmctld, slurmdbd
Active: active (running)

I notice there is such an error in the slurm.log file

[2021-04-23T08:31:23.451] error: User 1001 not found
[2021-04-23T08:31:23.451] _job_create: invalid account or partition for user 1001, account ‘(null)’, and partition ‘sen2agri’
[2021-04-23T08:31:23.451] _slurm_rpc_submit_batch_job: Invalid account or account/partition combination specified

Please any suggestion or solution?

It seemed to me that re-running the install script did not do any harm, I installed it multiple times when I had issues that looked like the setup did not complete.

You should be able to see if an account for user 1001 (sen2agri) exists by running cat /etc/passwd

Dear Chris thank you very much.
I followed your advice and it worked for me․