Scale of LAI product

Whats is the scale factor for L3B LAI product?

The LAI values are multiplied by 1000.

I have L3B product

  1. how to find out compositing period (from A-date in the file name)?
  2. where to get corresponding surface reflectances (or they are deleted)? I looked at L3a directory- there are two sub-dirs with starting and ending dates of my period of interest.

The L3B are monodate products, therefore you will find the acquisition date after the _A letter indeed. To have a complete overview of the nomenclature and the content of the L3* and L4* products, please have a look the Common Structure and Naming convention product sheet available on the Sen2-Agri website.

Regarding the surface reflectance data, they are stored in /mnt/archive/maccs_def/. Content of the L2A directories in given in the MACCS software manual available in the MACCS package you downloaded when you installed the Sen2-Agri system.

Side note, L3A product is the cloud-free composite products that computes a weighted average of the surface reflectances using a by-default period of 50 days. The weight given to each pixel is a combination of different factors such us distance to the central date of the composite, distance to the clouds, etc, More weight is also given to the Sentinel-2 data when used in combination to Landsat 8 data.