Reprocessing L3B error

I got the attached errors when I tried to reprocess L3B.
3-ReprocessedProfileSplitter2_error.txt (1.2 KB)
1-time_serie_error.txt (3.1 KB)
2-ProfileReprocessing_error.txt (2.3 KB)
We are using the 1.8.1 version.

ERROR: No value associated to the parameter : "err", invalid number of values 0

        -err            <string>         Input profile file.  (optional, off by default)

Sounds like the err file was missing. @cudroiu any idea?

Do you have installed version 1.8 or 1.8.1?
In version 1.8 the multi-date reprocessed L3C LAI is not working with the L3B products generated using INRA algorithm as this algorithm does not produces the error estimation rasters.
You must upgrade to 1.8.1 in order to be able to produce L3C/L3D products.


we have the 1.8.1. we never installed the 1.8.0
my mistake, I said it was version 1.8 (i corrercted it in mean time)…


From the initial mail I noticed that you actually try to reprocess the L3B products.
Do you actually try to reprocess the L2A products into L3B products or to use the L3C-Ndays (multidate) reprocessing processor (because the two are distinct things)?
If you just need to reprocess L2A into L3B mono-date products, you should use the MonoDate L3B processor.
Otherwise, the L3C/L3D processors require as input some previously created L3B products. When running the L3C processor you need to have previously created the L3B products for the input L2A products.
In this last case, could you send me the logs of the sen2agri-executor that are generated during the execution of the L3C processor?

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