Recovering the unprocessed l2a products to l3b products

HI, As i understand from the L3B MONODATE products, the job is launched when a new product has become available, but how to force the system to reprocess some L2A products to L3B, for various reason, like errors or updating a database…Could you explain what happen exactly?

@cudroiu Please could you give an explanation of the process


Normally, if you want to reprocess the L3B products (in the current version 2.0.2) you can simply remove the L3B products from the database (and from the disk, if you want) and they will be automatically reprocessed by the system at midnight (the automatic schedule job is in 2.0.2. set to 1 day). If you want to hurry the process, you can add a scheduled task with repeat “Once” and with the schedule date being the current date.
Additionally, you might need, before doing this, to delete the file /mnt/archive/<your_site_short_name>/l3b_lai/current_processing_l3b.txt
Another option is to use a custom job where you select all the L2A products to be reprocessed.

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