Product file tree structure

The original question was:
Assuming that I have a structure such as:
mnt/archive/ where my .SAFE folder is.
Where would you place the Demmnaccs results to use them on the automated Sen2agri page?
What is the correct tree structure?

Cosmin Udroiu’s answer:
Usually, the system is keeping the L2A products in a structure like this (for example):
In this .SAFE product you should have the two .DIR folders and 4 other files. The S2B_MSIL2A_20190205T100219_N0207_R122_T33UWR_20190205T151131.SAFE (in our example) is actually the L2A product.
If you already have these folders (the .SAFE directory) and import them manually in the system, you can put them in any location on disk not necessary in the structure above, for example in:
The only important thing is to import them into the database using the script and providing the path “/my_dir/x/y/” to the script, using the multi mode.
The L3B processor in automated mode will use the locations that it finds in the database.