Product acess without installing the Sen2-Agri System?

Is it possible to access the product (such as crop type product) without downloading and installing the Sen2-Agri System?

Also, is there a windows version of the system? Or the system has to be installed under Linux?

Thanks a lot.


No, we generally don’t do the production ourselves, especially as the crop type product would require in-situ data.

As for Windows support, it’s currently Linux-only. In the future it might be possible to manually run the processors on Windows, but probably not the complete chain.

Thanks for your response.

Just a follow up for this question. How about for the demonstration sites (e.g. Ukraine and South Africa)? Does it make a difference? Are the crop type products in those demonstration sites directly available?

Thanks again.

I think @nicolas.bellemans might be more suited to answer this.