Problems with downloading

Hi everyone.

I`m a newbie here.I have some problems with downloading.I tried to find some solution at this forum but failed to get through.Could you please give me some suggestion?

The problem is:
after creating a new site and making a config,the system only downloads some empty .SAFE folders.

I installed system(ver 1.7 and 1.8.3) before,but they didnt work(they even didnt download any .SAFE folders :frowning: ).So i unistalled them and install system 2.0 with maccs.
I read FAQ and try to input some command to check system status and i get this:

Can you get some info from that?

One more thing,i have some question about the set value ‘3’ of scope but the website datasource shows that is ‘1’.

Could you please give me some advice?If you need more info like logs,let me know.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

The same problem - downloader produces emplty folders

I`m trying to download the data in browser and run processors scritps in manual mode :frowning: