Otbcli installation


I am trying to run system on manual mode but whenever I check for otbcli BandsExtractor
it gives me error ERROR: Could not find application " BandsExtractor" I have also tried to re-install everything. Is there any other way to do this ?

I’m facing the same issue, the install seems to not have thrown any error. I have also tried to re-install (multiple times)

Maybe someone can share how exactly/ where in the install process the processor get’s installed, since otbcli is clearly installed, but BandsExtractor is not.

When looking at the github repository, I can see that BandsExtractor has been comented out of the makefile https://github.com/Sen2Agri/Sen2Agri-System/blob/f4b9e3eba9c6e7934638600c9dbca916f355ece3/sen2agri-processors/CropType/CMakeLists.txt#L2