Only S2 possible?

I have a genereal inquiry regarding the MAJA processor and the temporal synthesis processor:
Is it possible to only use Sentinel images for this analysis, or is it somehow predefined that L8 must be an input for the composites as well? Regards, Nina

Hi Nina,

Maja is also also able to process Landsat 8 images. However, downloading Landsat 8 depends on whether you correctly enabled the settings of your USGS account. Sometimes, the USGS API changes from time to time.


Hi Brent,
thanks for your quick reply.
I actually meant, if it is possible (as my intention) to only use S2 for processing and completely exclude Landsat imagery? But if i understand correctly from your reply, it should be possible if I disable Landsat 8 in the setting, right? Thanks, Nina

Hi Nina,

Yes it is possible to disable Landsat. You can either disable them through sen2agri-config in terminal or in config table from postgres database.