Not all products are processed by MACCS


I am running L2A processing in manual mode by invoking the command. However, there are 392 successful and 64 failed L2A products for 2017 and 28 successful and 17 failed L2A products for 2018. I’ve checked that the problem is not in high cloud coverage and I attach the example of demmacs log for the failed product here demmacs_log.txt (4.9 KB)

What can be my problem?

Upon expecting the log file, perhaps there is something wrong with the symbolic link?

Do you mean symbolic link for the tile GIPP file? But here are the same warnings for the successfully processed scene. demmaccs_log.txt (6.8 KB)
Is it possible that the problem is that my L1C products were downloaded manually from SciHub?


Apparently your product did not processed OK due to a problem in its structure (some files corrupted, missing or other problems) as MACCS returned for the files in log “S2B_OPER_SSC_L2NOTV_39UXA____20180310”.
NOTV means not valid and is a status that MACCS puts whenever an error occurred and cannot produce a valid product. In this case, sen2agri discards these products.
Additional information about the error you might find in the file /vdb1/innopolis/l2a/s2/2018/S2B_MSIL1C_20180310T073719_N0206_R092_T39UXA_20180310T095335.SAFE/S2B_OPER_PMC_L2REPT_39UXA____20180310.EEF.
Maybe this can help you find what was the error.

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