No Products to Download

Good afternoon forum,

I am a newbie and installed version 2.0 of Sen2Agri with MACCS. I didn’t face any problem during installation so am assuming that installation was done successful. I have similar problem as mentioned here. The only difference is that there are no products to download. Just to clarify, I have created the site successfully without any errors.

Please note that there are no estimated products to be downloaded. The Status is error and when I click on output, it leads to new page stating ‘No jobs to be displayed’. Also, no download folders as mentioned in the Data Source tab of the UI has been created. I assume that it is created automatically.

Below is the output of sen2agri services.

Looked into the forum for similar issues but most of them relate to older version of Sen2Agri. System information:
CentOS7 on Oracle Virtualbox and meets the hardware requirements of Sen2Agri.

Thanks in advance.

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It seems that you have invalid credentials that hinders your access to scihub.


Hi @brentf,

Thanks for looking into the my issue. I already check my credentials before posting the question. I can login into the USGS and Scihub website using the credentials, so can confirm that this is not the issue.