No product available in the web interface


I have installed the latest version of sen2agri. After successfully creating a new site in the web interface, I cannot see any product in the product tab. As I have no background on remote sensing data, I suspect the aforementioned problem is due a misspecification of the site (shapefile and in-situ data). Would it be possible to get an example of shapefile and in-situ data to test?

Best, Maud

Dear Maud,
if all services were installed correctly, it will take some time until you’ll see first results.
You could check if for example, demaccs service is running and perfoms the atmospheric correction or if download was successful beforehand.
Unfortunately you will not see downloaded tiles/files in the web gui.

For testing the processing chain, in-situ data is not required. You could start with Level2 and Level 3 products and continue with Level4 later.


I have a related problem. I created two sites , but when I check on the monitoring sections for the two sites. There is no sign of downloading in progress . It’s now 24 hours since I created these sites , However I can’t see the progress of downloading, see a screen shot here

I am not sure if the SEN2 Agri system is working properly or not

Try to check the error messages of sen2agri. Maybe there are issues due to wrong password or blocking by ESA. ESA blocks users but without any clear line (like everything they do). The help desk told me, that you get blocked after downloading 20 scenes per week, but in december I downloaded 180 scenes within a few hours. They didn’t answer when the download will be possible again.
Also please keep in mind that after registration it takes some days before you can use download api.

Since you also installed sen2agri recently, you might be facing the same issue as I reported in `Too Many Requests` from Scihub API &

EDIT: I have mistaken Dec 19 with Dec 20