Manual invoking of L3A processor

I am trying to run the L3A processor ( from the command line as described in the documentation but keep getting various errors.

My input is a set of L2A data downloaded from Amazon S3 (eg, and i am providing the input to the command as either the entire folder or the metadata.xml but with no success.

Anyone else had any luck in running the L3A processor manually and what was the input data? Any real-life scenario examples would be appreciated

The L3* and L4* processors can currently only handle L2A data pre-processed by the Sen2-Agri L2A processor (MACCS ) since they require the HDR xml file as input.
Though, if you are using Amazon, there is the possibility to generate the L2A with Sen2-Agri L2A processor starting from L1C stored in Amazon S3 (available in Sen2-Agri v1.8.2).
Let me know if it can help you,


Thanks a lot for the quick reply.

I was afraid of that :slight_smile:. I was really hoping that i wouldn’t have to process L1C data because it is quite resource intensive to do it. But i will give it a try and see how it goes.