MACCS Not Generating SRE, only FRE

Running on ver 1.8.3, the L2A output from MACCS is missing the SRE .tif files. When I run the script manually from the sen2agri github repo, the MACCS output has the SRE included. I am specifying the same location for the MACCS runtime for both cases.

Any ideas on why this could be happening? Thanks!


This behavior is intentional, to conserve disk space, since only the FRE rasters are used by upper level processors.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll put this info from cosmin if anyone runs into this in the future:

Check if SRE is set to be removed in the database:
select * from config where key=‘demmaccs.remove-sre’;

Stop SRE from being removed:
update config set value = false where key =‘demmaccs.remove-sre’;

Since FRE (surface reflectance with terrain correction) is used by upper level processors and seems like the best choice for an L2A product to use for other tasks, I am going to leave the SRE removal setting as true. Please let me know if there is any good reasons to keep SRE that I am missing. Thanks!