Low Disk space on "Filesystem root"

In the middle of downloading Sentinel-2 images, my system stopped with the error that their is low disk space on filesystem root. The total capacity of my root folder is 53.7GB and the /mnt folder is already at 34.9GB. What can i do to free up space as I don’t want to remove any file arbitrarily? Also. I have a proc folder that contains 140.7TB of data.


If you created a directory archive in your /mnt/ directory, it was created on the root partition.
If you already have another partition that is big enough (from what I understand, you have one of 140.7 TB) you should move the “archive” directory on that partition, without being needed to delete from the existing files (which might lead to other errors in the system).
The simplest procedure to move the “archive” I described it here (although is on the sen4cap forum):

Please note that you should replace the “/volume” in the post above with the directory where you have mounted the 104.7 TB partition.

Hope this helps.

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