Landsat 8 not downloading

I have configured 3 sites in my system. The download of Sentinel 2 data is without problems, but the Landsat imagery is not downloading.
When I look into the log the system is geeting back products for query, but the download does not strat. (see attached log). Could you pls. help me?

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Janlog.txt (1.4 MB)

Same problem for me, any Landsat image has been downloaded. The site involves Landsat 196031 and 197031. The season beginning is 2019-02-01 and the end 209-07-01. It seems that no Landsat-8 image is available since 2019-11-01 by means of the API service

See attached the log.log_landsat_failure.txt (125.1 KB)

Taking one URL from @Vicenc_Pala’s log: returns some results. returns nothing.

That’s right. In the first case, when getting some results, the last Landsat-8 image obtained is from 2018-07-28