Since I’ve the updated to Version 1.8.3 the manual execution only produces NDVI and RVI-Products but stopped working for LAI, FCOVER, FAPAR after excuting the following line:

““” --input /mnt/archive/maccs_def/at/l2a//S2B_MSIL2A_20170807T101029_N0205_R022_T33UUQ_20170807T101349.SAFE/S2B_OPER_SSC_L2VALD_33UUQ____20170807.HDR --res 10 --outdir /mnt/archive/temp/test/33UUQ/ --rsrcfg /usr/share/sen2agri/rsr_cfg.txt --laiBandsCfg /usr/share/sen2agri/Lai_Bands_Cfgs_Belcam.cfg --tileid 33UUQ --modelsfolder /mnt/archive/temp/test_lai --generatemodel YES --generatemonodate YES --genreprocessedlai NO --genfittedlai NO --useinra YES --fcover YES --fapar YES --siteid 2”

According to the attached application-log (Line 163,164) the problem is related to a missing mandatory input parameter (angles) of the Function: otbcli BVLaiNewProcessor

log.txt (9.9 KB)

Does anybody encountered the same issue or knows how to solve the problem?


same issue here. Have you found a solution?

Yes I think you need to install gdal version >= 2 and follow up the intructions made by Cosmin here:


thanks a lot!
Will have a try and let you know!



Hi. Was anyone ever able to solve this issue? I tried executing it myself manually and got the same error. It looks like BVLaiNewProcessor requires it as an argument but its never specified in My guess is OTB was upgraded to include this new parameter and the Sen4Cap installation doesn’t lock down the OTB version.

Here is the line of code its failing on:
runCmd([getScriptNameOSDepending(“otbcli”), “BVLaiNewProcessor”, appLocation,
“-xml”, xml,
“-outlai”, curOutLaiImg,
“-laicfgs”, args.laiBandsCfg])

Clearly the --angles argument is not being passed in, but I could be missing something.

Here’s the output of what is trying to do:

[centos@archive]$ otbcli BVLaiNewProcessor ‘’ -xml /data/products/L2A_PROCESSED/SENTINEL2A_20210718-190138-019_L2A_T11TLM_C_V1-0/SENTINEL2A_20210718-190138-019_L2A_T11TLM_C_V1-0_MTD_ALL.xml -outlai /data/products/SEN4CAP_L3A/test4/SENTINEL2A_20210718-190138-019_L2A_T11TLM_C_V1-0_MTD_ALL_LAI_img.tif -laicfgs /usr/share/sen2agri/

ERROR: Missing mandatory parameter: angles 0
ERROR: Troubles loading parameter, please check your line argument…
This is the BVLaiNewProcessor application, version 5.0.0
The feature extraction step produces the NDVI and RVI for a product.

Complete documentation:

-progress Report progress
-xml Product Metadata XML File (mandatory)
MISSING -angles Angles raster (mandatory)
-laimodel LAI Model file (optional, off by default)
-faparmodel FAPAR Model file (optional, off by default)
-fcovermodel FCOVER Model file (optional, off by default)
-outlai The out image corresponding to the LAI mono date (optional, off by default)
-outfapar The out image corresponding to the FAPAR mono date (optional, off by default)
-outfcover The out image corresponding to the FCOVER mono date (optional, off by default)
-fts [pixel] Output features enterring in the neural filter [pixel=uint8/uint16/int16/uint32/int32/float/double] (default value is float) (optional, off by default)
-laicfgs Master file containing the LAI configuration files for each mission. (optional, off by default)
-laicfg File containing the bands indexes to be used for the LAI. (optional, off by default)
-outres Output resolution. If not specified, is the same as the input resolution. (optional, off by default)
-inxml Load otb application from xml file (optional, off by default)

otbcli_BVLaiNewProcessor -xml data.xml -laimodel laimodel.txt