L3A not being generated

I specified time Interval Jan 01-Apr 31, 2017 for time interval and requested processing up to L3B.
L2A seems was generated but no L3A produced.

Last time for interval May 01-31,2017 I got L3A generated, but stuck at L3B. Waiting for 3 days already.
Last time I got suggestion to request custom job for L3B…

After experimenting with the system I got the following impression: If the objective is to generate L3B (LAI) product- no need to generate L3A. After automatic generation of L2A (surface reflectances), just add a custom job for generation of L3B- input is L2A (not L3A). Can you conform if am I right?

Also- I don’t understand concerning selection of subset of input L2A files.I just want far all dates where surface surface reflectances are available to generate corresponding L3B product. Should I select all inputs simultaneously?

Hi shabanov,

Yes you’re totally right. L3A product is the cloud free composite image and is NOT a pre-requisite for the L3B product.
If you run the default schedule mode for that processor, you should have one cloud free composite every month, which combined the acquisitions available during a moving window of 50 days, centered in the middle of your period.
Say you want a L3A every 1st day of the month (shedule type Repeat Every 1 of the month), the processor will use the acquisitions available from the 10th of the month before until the 25 of the targeted month.


Instead, the L3B product is meant to generate LAI and NDVI (and also fAPAR and fCOVER if you activate manually the new processor available on v1.8.1) images per acquisition and it is directly derived from the L2A’s, not from the L3A.

Say you want to ask the system to generate a L3B for every acquisition covering your site and season, then you need to set a schedule task (under the Dashboard tab) with the schedule type as Cycle and the Repeat as After 10 days. The processor will then start every 10 days and process all the acquisitions available during the 10 days before (note that the later is a by-default parameter independent from the Repeat cycle parameter).


Yes you could do so. Or use set a schedule task as explained here above.