L3A multi tile and multi mission

Dear Sen2Agri forum,

First of all, thanks for your very useful processors. I am very interested to work and learn with these processors.

I have been experimenting and ran into 2 issues with the L3A processor.

1.) Related to this post: L3A Composite multi tile. At the end of this post, it is stated multi tile processing will be implemented in a next version. Which version is it implemented? I tried with sen2agri 2.0 but i ran into this issue:

2020 Jun 04 08:08:32 : Application.logger (FATAL) The following error occurred during application execution : /home/cudroiu/sen2agri/sen2agri-processors/ProductReaders/MetadataHelpers/src/MetadataHelperFactory.cpp:43:
2020-06-04T08:08:32.356Z itk::ERROR: MetadataHelperFactory(0x15c0df0): Unable to read metadata from /home/worker/workDir/inDir/l2a/SENTINEL2A_20191018-100915-171_L2A_T32TQM_C_V1-0/SENTINEL2A_20191018-100915-171_L2A_T32TQM_C_V1-0_MTD_ALL.xml

2.) Trying to input both input from images of Sentinel-2A and Sentinel-2B. According to documentation this should be possible, but it keeps crashing for me with this error:

ERROR: No value associated to the parameter : "pmxml", invalid number of values 0
2020-06-04T06:32:35.763Z ERROR: Troubles loading parameter, please check your line argument...

If anybody has any help or an indication for a fix, let me know.