L3A incomplete despite availability of L2A


We are new to Sen2Agri and have run several small test sites around the globe in automated and manual mode.

We face the issue that the system does not generate the entire test site as L3A and only returns small fractions of it. When opening the .tiff files, they are mostly white or black. This is despite the fact that the L2As are generated correctly and cover the entire site of interest. The L3A processes finish without error. Our test sites are around the world, in WGS84 and use historic seasons.

Is there anything we should consider or check with the system installation? Thank you for your feedback!



Hello Lukas,

Maybe the first thing you could check are the quick look of the S2 L2A images (by clicking on it in the products tab) that correspond with the period of your L3A. Can you check it? Are there sufficient data?

Best regards,


Hi Philippe,

Thank you for your message.

Yes, there are enough L2A products covering the entire area of interest with dates in the corresponding time period. I again tested a site corresponding to a Sentinel2 tile in both automated and manual mode:

  • When running in automated mode, the L3A simply stops after delivering two neighboring tiles (that partially overlap)

  • When running in manual mode, it created an L3A only for a neighboring tile and then stopped.

There is no obvious errors and subprocesses run with exit code 0. Any idea where I can look for an error or what I should try next?

Best regards,