L3A and L4A display problem

Hello everyone and dear @cudroiu
As you know, I had a problem in obtaining L3 and L4 data and I solved the problem thanks to you.
(L3 and L4 data only Submitted, not Running - #5 by afkHub)

But a couple of new issues have arisen right now.

First, the L3A data appears finished in the “monitoring” tab, but not in the “products” tab.


The other problem is that the L4B data is empty in the created site named “SEA37” and the wrong tile region (it isT37SDA. it should be T37SEB) is obtained as data in the site named “SEB37”.


I will be very grateful if you can help me solve these problems as well. Thanks.

Seems like the issues are resolved now.

When I manually assign the L3A data from the “custom jobs” tab, it came to the “products” section.

When I created and tried the L4A data with a different site and time interval (season), it came back correctly. I guess this is due to the satellite data not downloading enough. If anyone has another answer to this L4A situation, please write, thanks.