L2a Products not generated

Dear all,
I just installed sen2agri v2.0.2 in Virtual machine following the documentation and video tutorial. I created two sites (the same shapefile) one for a season between september 2019 and June 2020 and another for the current season (September 2020 to June 2021).
For S2 downloaded scene the products using maja 3.2.2 are not generated.First I had a problem for creating symlink between L1C data and /mnt/archive/demmacs_tmp.
This issue is now solved.
Attched demmaccs_ log files demmaccs.log (8.6 KB) demmaccs_29SPT.log (14.1 KB)
Could help me what can be the solution for this issue

I know debugging this processor can be really frustrating. But in the end it is working (at least somehow generating maja and L3 products).
In your case, pease check the access rights to the directory and run the processes as user sen2agri-service. Usually this kind of error happens due to problems with user rights, especially when working on distributed file systems.