L2A products import and MAJA issue - urgent help needed

Hi, I have problem with importing already processed L2A data. I am trying to pre-process some data for training purposes. I use VirtualBox on Windows host and a local data storage. Unfortunately, had to stop the VM and reinstall the system. The L2A data were partially processed do I saved them previous to destroying the old VM. Now, I am trying to import them to the new installation but without success. The import script seems to run successfully and I can see the imported products in the Web interface but in the downloader history the status remains as “2 --downloaded” and eventually changed to “6 --processing_failed”. The macs processing also doesn’t start for the tiles that have not been processed in the previous installation.

It seems these might be two different issues. The MAJA does not start for any local product and the import of the process products does not seem to have any effect.
I would be really grateful for any ideas.

I have tried to reinstall the system, check all the setting but still no success.

I append the output of sudo systemctl status -l sen2agri-services sen2agri-demmaccs below:
out.txt (4.8 KB)