L2A processing error

Dear all,

I try to understand, why the L2A processor fails on a number of Sentinel2 L1C products. The demmaccs.log output for one of those failed products are attached

Has anyone an idea? What causes the error message in the second log “MACCS mode L2NOMINAL didn’t work for…”?

I thougth it might be a too high cloud coverage, but the scenes has according to its metadata (confirmed by the quicklook) a cloud coverage of ~38%. The .EEF file by the MACCS processor states however "Cloud percentage computed is 99; the maximum cloud percentage threshold authorized is 90."

Any ideas why? Has there anything changed with the update to the 1.8.1 version, for I never had issues before with the 1.7 version.


demmaccs.log (3.3 KB)
demmaccs_32UPA.log (7.6 KB)
image_mtd_and_EEF_file.zip (14.7 KB)

Hello, and sorry for the late reply.

The latest version does indeed have updated parameters for MACCS, which make the cloud detection a tiny bit more aggressive. In your specific case, however, the product doesn’t seem to contain much useful information, see the following render:

From my point of view, the L1 metadata cloud coverage is too unreliable, especially since it doesn’t take into account the “no data” pixels.