Is it a good idea to include fallow into cropland?

Hi, our goal - to get crop type map with some basic crops for our region with fallow included as separate class. Is it a good idea include fallow into cropland class for Cropland Mask Processor?


If you have a fallow class that covers a significant aread and longer period in your defined season, in my opipnion, it is ok to include it in the crop mask processing. If not, I suggest not to include the fallow crop.


Thank you, Brent! I think also we should take some tests with or without fallow.

May I also ask another question. Is’t possible some how within sen2agri to train model for cropland mask and crop type map and than apply it to classify several seasons to get multiyear distribution?

(I mean to gain collecting reference data once to calibrate model but make classification multiple seasons)


This post might help you.

Assuming that you’re using L4A and L4B with in situ data in custom jobs, a single set of training/vector polygons can be used for a particular season across several years. In our case, we based the season duration from the cropping cycles of the most dominant crops (this depends on your area of interest). If there are no substantial crop changes across years, you can use a single set of it.

However, if you intend to detect some annual changes, it might be better to use specific annual training data for multiyear crop monitoring (though you will also need a realiable data for this, google earth pro can be used as your basis for training data, as it provides yearly historical imagery).


I meant another basic idea. As usual we have stable bundle of main crops for a region and crop rotation for a single field (for annual crops). It would be nice to have possibility only once make learning based on in-situ data and then some how reused it to get crop type maps for multiple seasons (so we get updated crop type maps for each year).

May be it’s better ask this question in General Discussions ?

Yes, you can use a training data only once and see what happens if you use it to other years. You can ask another related question in the general discussion section.


Ok, thank you! will follow