Installation on CentOS failed

we followed the installation instruction from User Manual, but maybe the CentOS system needs to be configured differently, we see that a lot of mirrors needed for installation are unreachable.

We are sending the log file from Linux terminal (there are 2 attempts of installation using the script
available here:

Thanks for ANY help.

Hello Eva,

It looks like you’re having some IPv6 connectivity issues. You should focus on that first. Since it’s probably harder to fix the network access, you might want to try disabling it completely.

There are some instructions for that here.

Hello Inicola,
thank you for your answer. OK we will check it, and try to change it.
After, we will try to re-start the installation again.

I will inform you about our results. Thanks again,

Hello Inicola, it is working now, thank you for your help.


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